Skip the theory and learn
how to build the robots! #GoDigital

In our RPA Fridays sessions we will skip the theory about Robotic Process Automation and show you how a simple robot can be built. Every Friday we will showcase different use cases and demonstrate what a robot can do. For Free!

This session is for people who are interested in RPA, to show them how it all works and what they can expect in our RPA Academy.

If you are a true Automation enthusiast, feel free to also join our RICT Community.

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    • Lecturer: Roman Hruška, experienced RPA Developer and head of RPA Academy
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    RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It is a fast-evolving technology that helps workers with processing manual and highly repetitive tasks. The term "robotic" can be a bit misleading. In this case, a robot is just computer software that mimics the actions of humans when working with computers. Almost any office worker can use the help of the robot! Imagine all the procedures that have to be done again and again.

    Tedious, right? Not with a robotic helper!

    If you are interested check all of our courses at RPA Academy.


    Roman Hruška

    +420 608 703 914